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hey. yeah, yesterday i was in a lil accident. the car i drive is now… - Smeared black ink... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jun. 2nd, 2005|01:19 pm]
[mood |nervousoverwhelmed]
[music |air conditioner]

hey. yeah, yesterday i was in a lil accident. the car i drive is now ruined. it's drivable, but the hood is crushed up so i can't fully see the road, and the engine is exposed.i hope it doesn't mess up the engine. anyways, i have to pay $500 for it, and i don't know how i'm getting the money. i mean, i have a job, but i JUST started, and i need to pay for my car insurance and everything else. (btw, i work at Mc Donalds, feel free to visit). but yeah, i dunno, i've been feelin alone latley. i mean, i have great friends, but sometimes they're not there when i need them. today imade a new friend, and they helped me out, it's good to be able to talk to someone. i feel like i let a lot out, or at least what was bothering me. anyways, i have to pick my brother up today, and i hope i'll make it to graduation. i'm still not allowed online yet at home(hence why i'm doing this in school). i'm grounded, broke, in debt, and alone. not friend-wise. but gy\uy-wise. i ge\uess i'm just lookin for someone. i mean, i've been so lonley so long, and looking so long, that i almost wanna give up. i dunno, maybe if i do give up, they'll just show up. i dunno, my mind is all scattered, so i can't htink straight. i wanna move to another town, but not leave myf riends. i just made so many new and great friendships this year, that i don't wanna loose them. i need to go now, bu i'll hopefully write more later.ciao.

ps: i'm trying to write a song but i'm blocked....help!

luv always, ~Sofia